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Student Stories

Flexibility, Convenience, Affordability

The stories below are from actual students who are working full-time jobs and raising families, all while pursuing their degrees through the flexibility, convenience and affordability of online courses from USD.

Student Story - Sherry Levers
Master of Business Administration

Sherri Levers
Business Manager for SEP Administration, LLC, South Sioux City, NE

"...because of the demands of my full-time job, I wasn't able to drive to USD for classes." But Sherri didn't let that stop her from pursuing her degree and making herself more competitive in the job market. "The Online program is allowing me to catch up with the business world. Plus, opportunities for advancement in my career field are already opening up."

Student Story - Sarah Durand
Master of Science in Administration

Sarah Durand
Huntington Woods, MI

"There were very limited online programs that offered a specialization in long-term care administration." Sarah was happy to find the program at USD and even happier with the level of freedom within the program. "I was given the opportunity to decide what I wanted to research and was able to focus on topics that were applicable to my interests."

Student Story - Mary Ticknor
Educational Administration Programs

Mary Ticknor
Superintendent of Schools, Lemont Township High School, Lisle, IL

"I've finally reached the professional goal that I've been pursuing for many years. I've finally become a superintendent," Mary Ticknor declares. "It was when I discovered the online coursework available for my specialist degree and some of my doctoral courses that I realized it was possible to pursue an advanced degree in spite of an extremely demanding career."

Student Story - Jennifer Hommerding
Addiction Studies

Jennifer Hommerding
Current Student, Bemidji, MN

For many students, choosing the right online program from the right university can be a trying task. "I had been pursuing my degree through a different online program," Jennifer remembered, "and I felt like I hadn't learned a thing." Today, Jennifer is earning her degree through USD because of the benefits associated with a more prestigious program.

Student Story - Sharon McNeill
Transitional Doctorate in Physical Therapy

Sharon McNeill
Physical Therapist, Foristell, MO

Sharon grew concerned about her professional situation when she started looking at the salary and benefits for her career field. "I felt left behind by the new Physical Therapists who had Doctorate degrees," remembers Sharon. Thanks to her interactions with USD, Sharon has a new enthusiasm for her profession and is now working with children suffering from disabilities.

Student Story - John Soubik
Executive Master of Public Administration

John Soubik
Agency Workforce Planner for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Coal Township, PA

"Reasonable cost, no entrance exams, great curriculum and all from a real brick and mortar school. Those are the reasons why I chose USD," John explained. He added, "I've made some wonderful contacts with my professors and fellow students. I look forward to continuing those relationships after I've earned my degree."

Student Story - Jason Smith
Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

Jason Smith
Current Student, West Fargo, ND

"This experience has certainly dusted the cobwebs from my brain," says Jason Smith, "but this online offering by USD is very important to me." For a time, Jason was unable to pursue his degree because of scheduling conflicts. "My current job in Fargo, North Dakota wouldn't allow me to take traditional courses at a university. This program is the perfect fit for me."

Student Story - Megan Ulmer
Master of Professional Accountancy

Megan Ulmer
Student & Management, Sioux Falls School District, Sioux Falls, SD

"It has always been my dream to open my own tax and accounting business", says Megan Ulmer, "and I felt like pursuing a degree through USD could help make that dream a reality." "It is affordable, the entire program is offered online or in Sioux Falls, and I get to continue my education at my own pace." Megan also looks forward to having "... a Master's degree from one of the most respected business schools in the region."

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