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Early Scholars

Early Scholars
University of South Dakota Division of Continuing Education

Early Scholars Guidelines

The Early Scholars courses provide the opportunity for currently enrolled high school juniors and seniors to register for university credit courses using the online or correspondence study.  Complete the Early Scholars registration form to sign up for Online or Correspondence courses.

  1. High school students must have the permission of their parents or legal guardians to enroll in the University of South Dakota's classes.
  2. High School Counselor or Principal must sign off on the registration form indicating your school approves the dual credit enrollment.
  3. Recommended academic guides for Early Scholar students are:
    a.  Junior and/or Senior standing. 
    b.  Rank in the upper half of their high school class and have a GPA of 3.0 or above.
    c.  ACT English subscore of 18 to take English 101.  ACT Math subscore of 20 to take College Algebra. 
    Please note, if you have a math subscore of 25 or higher you are required to take a COMPASS exam to be placed in the appropriate math courses.
  4. All college policies apply to students in the Early Scholars courses.  These policies can be found in the college catalog and on the college website.
  5. The credits and grades earned will become part of the student's permanent transcript at the University of South Dakota.
  6. A student who decides to drop class(es) must complete the required drop form available through the Registrar's website.  If a student fails to drop a class by the required deadline, he/she will receive a grade of an F, which becomes part of the permanent college transcript.
  7. A student who plans on attending USD after high school graduation must also submit an official Application for Admissions to the University of South Dakota Admissions Office.
  8. Payment.  The bill is emailed to your USD email account by the Business Office. Payment must be made before classes begin by paying USD's Business Office.