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What Can CDE Do For You?

Advance Your Career -

" I graduated with my MSAS in Health Services Administration from the University of South Dakota.  A year later, I was offered a great advancement opportunity at work.  During the job interview, one of the reasons cited for the job offer was my degree advancement."

Ruth Krueger Parkinson, RRT, MS
Sanford Medical Center

Gain Lifelong Skills -

"I made the decision to pursue a degree in Educational Administration at the University of South Dakota because of its status as a research institution, the availability of online classes and the affordability.  My experience has been nothing but extraordinary.  The curriculum is designed to challenge students' intellect by exposing them to the real issues of adult and higher education administration.  You will indeed be challenged - but you will be prepared for the real world."

Marcia Hawk, Database Analyst
InterContinental Hotels Group
Atlanta, Ga.

Exceptional Quality -

"The faculty at USD are very helpful and always make themselves available.  I do not feel like a number, but rather a respected colleague.  The classes are great examples of what distance education should be.  USD students are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to utilize several methods of distance education in order to truly experience collaborative learning.  This is a community of lifelong learners.  By enrolling in this program at USD, I will be able to finish my degree several years earlier than I ever thought possible, without compromising my educational integrity.  I plan to finish my degree this fall and feel that I have truly gained the skills and knowledge to stay competitive in the education field.  My education at USD has given me the tools and confidence to move forward in my career."

Jaclyn Walsh
Coordinator of Youth & Family Programs
Hartford Community College

Reach Your Professional and Educational Goals -

"One of the reasons I chose USD was because it had the most comprehensive ADS program.  USD's willingness to accommodate my specific needs was a major blessing in my life.  I could not have expanded my horizons in my new profession without the flexibility the program offered.  I can honestly say the internship has been a magnificent experience."

Nathan Richman, Relapse Prevention Coordinator
ShareHouse Wellness Center
Moorehead, Minn.


Learn Anytime, Anywhere -

"The lectures, online discussion groups and class meeting via web conferencing have been an amazing experience.  It's school, but without the traffic and parking hassles, and "on-demand," when it's convenient for me.  I live in Los Angeles, Calif., and love how the online format of the course provides an opportunity to get perspectives of other people in other parts of the country - it gives the class incredible breadth and depth."

Cari Hildebrandt, Assistant Director
Westside Connection, West Los Angeles College
Los Angeles, Calif.




Marcia Hawk

Jaclyn Walsh