School of Education Counseling & Psychology in Education

Child and Adolescent Development

Minor in Child and Adolescent Development
Does your future involve working with children and youth?
Are you interested in how you have come to think, behave, or feel the way you do?

If so, you may be interested in the minor in Child and Adolescent Development

18 hours

Required Courses
PSYC 321: Human Development: Lifespan
EPSY 322: Ecology Child & Adolescent Development
EPSY 422: Psychology of Adolescence
EPSY 427: Child Growth and Development

Elective Courses
Choose 6 hours from the following
ANTH 261: Human Sexuality (SOC 261)
CJUS 419: Family Violence
CJUS 436: Juvenile Justice
CJUS 455: Juvenile Delinquency (SOC 455)
DCOM 212: Language Development
DCOM 435: Language Disorders of Children
EDFN 338: Foundations of American Education
EDFN 475: Human Relations
ELED 311: Introduction to Early Education
EPSY 333: Science of Love
PE 452: Motor Learning and Development
PSYC 258: Children and Trauma
PSYC 368: Psychology of Sexuality
SOC 261: Human Sexuality (ANTH 261)
SOC 455: Juvenile Delinquency (CJUS 455)
SOC 480: Sociology of Education
SOC 481: Sociology of the Family
SOCW 482: Social Work and Child Welfare
SPCM 460: Family Communications
SPED 100: Students with Exceptionalities
SPED 460: Family Systems and Professional Collaboration

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