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Educational Psychology Students Say

What do our students say about us?
  • I expected to learn a bit more about child and adolescent development, what I received from the program was an extensive re-education in human development that focused not only on the basics, but the most current research. That knowledge was delivered in such a way that it fully integrates into my pedagogy.
  • I expected to learn more about research and statistics; however, what I received was an understanding of not only what to do and how to do it, but most importantly WHY we do techniques in specific ways, and what occurs when researchers don't understand the "why" of the techniques involved in data collection and analysis, to say nothing of why we design studies in specific ways.
  • I expected to learn more about educational theory, but what I took away was a strong metacognitive stance that allows me to analyze what I am doing in the classroom as I am teaching. I now have a theory based teaching style that is fully conscious, and a metacognitive stance that I can't "turn off." Therefore, I continually analyze what I am doing in the classroom as it occurs, rather than simply running the class and seeing what happens after the fact.
  • I expected to simply complete the work and receive the degree, however, what has occurred is that I have been taken to my limits on several levels and when I do receive the degree, I know that it is a true accomplishment due to the rigor of the program. This has been the most rigorous program I have undertaken as a student, and I leave it knowing that it has tested my limits in several domains. Of all the degrees I have received, this is the one that I will take the most pride in, not because it is a Ph.D., but rather because of the intense amount of work I put into it (i.e. academic rigor at a very high level)." Educational Psychology PhD Candidate
  • "Education psychology has opened my eyes to a much deeper understanding of how people work. It has deepened my appreciation of the complexity of the human mind while helping me to understand the research behind psychology.  What is researched in education psychology is relevant in so many academic disciplines that there is always some new aspect to understand. ... The education psychology department at USD is great. There is diversity among the professors in research areas, but respect between them. They are available to their students. They make classes interesting while still teaching a topic in depth, and are more than willing to allow students to participate in research projects. The professors are passionate about their work and respectful of their students. It is a great place to learn." Luralyn Bailey, master's student
  • "I have had the opportunity to be involved in research projects and have gained experience in teaching courses to undergraduate students. I have also found that the diverse interests of the faculty give me the luxury of being able to select from many different areas of study." Dennis Russell, doctoral student 
  • "I have found professional applications for every course I took in the Educational Psychology program.  I use the knowledge I gained every day." Susan Spooner, PhD, alumnus and Clinical Information Specialist