School of Education Counseling & Psychology in Education

Hee-sook Choi

Hee-sook Choi
Counseling and Psychology in Education: School Psychology, School of Education
UED Delzell Education Center 102
Phone: 605-677-5660
Interim Dean
Teaching Interests:
School Psychology
Research Interests:
Psychological assessment and intervention for children and adolescents
  • Ph D, School Psychology, Indiana State University, 1989
  • MS, General Psychology, Indiana State University, 1982
  • BA, Educational Psychology, Ewha Woman's University, 1978
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Awards and Honors:
  • SOE Leadership Recognition, School of Education, USD, 2012
  • Nominated for the Belbas-Larson Excellence in Teaching Award, University of South Dakota, 2002
  • Excellence in School Psychology Training, South Dakota Association of School Psychologists, 1997
  • Advisor of the Year, USD Student Association and Mortar Board, 1995
  • Nominated for the Belbas-Larson Excellence in Teaching Award, University of South Dakota, 1994