School of Education USD Head Start

Accomplishments and Awards

Parent Recognition

Congratulations to Nichole Lewison, our Beating the Odds winner.  Nichole also won the award at the state level and advanced to the regional level.  Nichole has been a parent in our Home Base program and currently in our Center Base program.  Nichole was honored at the SDHSA/SDAEYC conference in Sioux Falls.


L to R:  Rose Weiss (Family Services Specialist), Nichole,Karen Shade (Home Visitor), Julie Peterson (Center Teacher),and Nichole's three daughters.


Staff Recognition

The following Head Start Pre-Birth through Five staff members were recognized for their years of service to the State of South Dakota.  They were recognized at a ceremony held on the University of South Dakota campus.


L to R:  Heidi Olson (15 years), Rose Weiss (15 years),Holly Solem (20 years), and Linda Hoesing (25 years)


The following Head Start Pre-Birth through Five staff members were recognized for their years of service to Head Start.  They were recognized at the SDHSA/SDAEYC conference held in Sioux Falls.


Back row L to R:  Janel Even (5 years), Sara Nelson (5 years),Holly Solem (20 years), Rose Weiss (15 years)
Front row L to R:  Vanet Jensen (20 years), Shawna Huls (5 years),  Tricia Connors (5 years)NOT PICTURED:  Linda Hoesing (15 years) & Heidi Olson (15 years)


Staff Training

Four staff members were able to attend a wonderful conference in Utah.  MaDonna Baldwin (Canton Center Teacher), Bonita Manger (Family Services Specialist for Turner County), Tammy Rusher (Vermillion Austin Center Teacher), and Julie Viet (Nutrition Coordinator), spent three days singing, dancing, and learning.  They were taught that children need 60 minutes of structured physical activity and 60 minutes of unstructured physical activity each day.  Some may think that is a lot of time taken away from learning, but they were given creative ways to include physical activity in learning.  MaDonna and Tammy have already introduced some of the material to their classrooms and the children love it!  They four staff members presented what they learned to the rest of the Head Start Pre-Birth through Five staff in May, and the approach will be used with all of our children and families next year.

I am Moving, I am Learning (IMIL) was started in West Virginia.  It was designed for children, but can be implemented throughout the ages.  IMIL is a proactive approach to preventing child obesity; it is a comprehensive approach to wellness; it is research based; and it is developmentally appropriate for young children.  IMIL has three main goals:

  1. Quantity of physical activity.
  2. Quality of physical activity.
  3. Healthy nutrition choices.

IMIL also introduced a friendly character named CHOOSY.  Choose Healthy Options Often & Start Young.


L to R:  MaDonna Baldwin, Tammy Rusher,
CHOOSY, Julie Viet, and Bonita Manger