School of Education USD Head Start

Full Day/Full Year (Vermillion)

Building Your Child's Future with You



The Full Day/Full Year (FDFY) Program offers families an opportunity for their child, age 3-5 years, to receive the Head Start experience in a daycare setting.  This means that if you are working or going to school and you need daycare, your child can receive the education and health services that Head Start provides.  Head Start partners with a daycare to provide children with the same services that the children in the center base and the home base programs receive.

Guidelines to Enroll in the Full Day/Full Year Program
  • Must need full day services to work or attend school.
  • Must provide proof of income and verification of school enrollment or employment to determine eligibility.
  • Must be able to make payments to child care center for daycare portion of the day.
  • Must be able to transport child to the childcare site.
  • Must have child attend childcare that is a partner with Head Start Pre-Birth through Five.
  • Eligibility for Child Care Assistance is preferred.