School of Education Curriculum and Instruction

M.A. plus Certification Program

Master's Degree and Secondary Teacher Certification

The University of South Dakota consistently strives to offer a wide variety of programs in the field of education. In keeping with the current educational reform movement, this program has been developed to provide an avenue into teaching for individuals who have appropriate academic skills and expertise as well as a desire to teach but who have not completed a professional education program. This program combines a master's degree in secondary education with the necessary content major and minor requirements for secondary teacher certification.

Program of Study for MA plus Certification

For those individuals with a baccalaureate degree in areas equivalent in content to an approved University of South Dakota teaching major, this program provides an opportunity to become certified to teach at the secondary level. Students with degrees in Art, Music, and Physical Education will also have to satisfy the necessary requirements for K-12 certification.

This unique program has a three-fold purpose: to provide talented individuals with the opportunity to teach; to assist individuals seeking a career change; and to enhance an individual's academic preparation with current teaching strategies and methodology.

Students must satisfy all criteria for admission to the Graduate School and to teacher education. Interested students are encouraged to obtain specific criteria for admission from the School of Education Student Services Office.