School of Education Curriculum and Instruction

Susan Gapp

Susan Gapp
Associate Professor
Curriculum and Instruction: Elementary Education, School of Education
UED Delzell Education Center 219C
Phone: 605-677-6311
Elementary teacher in K-12 for ten years. For five years worked as a Reading Recovery Teacher Leader training teachers and teaching children in Reading Recovery, an intervention for struggling readers. Currently work with pre-service and veteran teachers in the areas of reading instruction and assessment.
Teaching Interests:
Reading Methods and Reading Intervention.
Research Interests:
Reading methods, reading intervention, early literacy, teacher education, diverse learners.
  • EDD, Curriculum and Instruction, The University of South Dakota, 2006
  • MA, Elementary Education, The University of South Dakota, 1999
  • BA, Elementary Education, The University of South Dakota, 1988
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Awards and Honors:
  • Belbas- Larson Award for Excellence in Teaching Nominee, The University of South Dakota