School of Education Curriculum and Instruction

TET MS Degree Program Information

The 36-hour Master's degree program in TET is designed to prepare leaders who will:
  • model the use of instructional technology
  • use technology-based tools for systematically gaining access to electronic information resources
  • understand learning theories and effective learning models that relate to the use of technology in education
  • promote educational change and development through the use of distance learning and other emerging technologies
  • access and analyze the uses of technology in all types of instruction
  • design and develop multimedia instructional content
  • be cognizant of trends and issues in the use of technology for teaching and learning
These are comments made by our past graduate students about the TET Master's Degree programs:
  • "Technology is a huge part of the classroom and I wanted to learn how to integrate more of it into my classroom. Courses through TET allowed me to do that..."
  • "I feel that the TET program made an incredible impact on how I teach..."
  • "I developed more technological expertise which makes me more willing to take on and learn new technological projects with my students."
  • "The TET Program at USD helped me to solidify my pedagogy as an educator.  The process of reflecting on our practice is a valuable tool in evaluating our effective practices."
  • "As I have come to understand students as actively and socially constructing their learning, I better provide a classroom with learning opportunities to meet those learning needs."