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The Institute for Teachers of Gifted Youth

Institute for Teachers of Gifted Youth
July 15th, 2013 8am-5pm
University of South Dakota


Workshop 2013: Creativity: Facilitating Creativity in High-Ability (& All) Students

Workshop Description:
Giftedness encompasses more than above average intelligence and multiple ways of learning.  This session is designed to help teachers and counselors better understand how to work with gifted students to extend creativity, develop classroom strategies for helping students work successfully with giftedness, and discover ways to use the content to build creative 21st Century skills for all students.  Come prepared to be involved and to leave with ready-to-use practical ideas for classroom use.

Cost for the Institute $80
For those registered in SPED 762 Nature and Nurture of Creativity, this Instituted is included and required at no additional cost.

Speakers for 2013:

Institute for Teachers of Gifted Youth 2013

Authored by the speakers:

Book of Creativity Critical Thinking Communication

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2013 Institute Brochure

The mission of the Institute for Teachers of Gifted Youth, established in 2003, is to assist teachers and school specialists in serving the unique needs of high-ability students.  The Institute offers ideas for creating, implementing, and evaluating school programs.  Institute participants will gain new perspectives for working with their students and for sharing with their colleagues.