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New School of Education Initiatives

Year Long Residency

Excitement is growing in the School of Education with the first cohort of NExT (Network for Excellence in Teaching) candidates nearing the long awaited year-long residency.  An estimated 60 teacher candidates who began at USD during the fall of 2010 will be applying this November for a year-long residency program beginning fall semester 2013.  The first semester of the year-long residence will include selected courses that provide candidates opportunities to connect theory and practice to a P-12 school setting.  Teacher candidates will begin the residence at the same time that their assigned mentor teacher begins their school year with district and building meetings and classroom planning time. 

"I believe that the year-long residency program has given me a high level of confidence in the classroom due to the extra time with the students.  Being able to work with these students in smaller groups at first and working my way up to the whole group has really proved to be an encouraging strategy."
-Megan Book

I definitely know that I will feel more prepared going out into the field of elementary education since I have had this year long experience."
-Jenny Simonett

I absolutely love it!  I feel as though I have gained so much already that I would have missed out on with just sitting in a classroom.  I love the experience and have grown an attachment to my kids."
-Kanaka Rao

"I feel that this program is definitely putting me ahead of where I would be if I only taught for one semester and I am thankful for the opportunity!"
-Kristin Ludens