School of Education Professional Development Center

PDC Degrees Available

One of the most important features of the PDC is the focus on graduate degrees as an impetus for professional growth. All PDC teachers and mentors are enrolled in advanced degree programs at USD during their PDC year. All PDC participants are required to take an implementation seminar in the summer prior to involvement in the program and a PDC foundation course in the fall semester and the spring semester.  Participants receive a 2/3 reduction in tuition.

In addition, each is required to take a research class and a technology course.   These are the foundation courses for the PDC and fit into any program and/or certification area in the School of Education. Students are able to enroll in any education degree program which include degrees in:

  • Elementary Education
  • Secondary Education
  • Special Education
  • Education Psychology
  • Technology for Education and Training
  • Kinesiology & Sport Science