Office of Financial Affairs

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The University of South Dakota maintains its financial information and procedures in compliance with all state, federal and financial reporting guidelines as well as providing timely and accurate processing through the Financial Information and State Accounting Systems.

Shelley Brunick, Comptroller

Jerry Bartling, Grants Accounting Director
Heidi Bennett,  Accountant:  Fixed Assets
Kathy Carlson, Senior Accountant: STN billings, state non-cash billings, state recodes, purchasing assessments, non-cash vouchers, budget transfers
Laura Bendesky,  Senior Secretary
Melissa Assistant Comptroller
Linda Powell, Senior Accountant: local recodes, purchasing assessments, cash transfers, budget transfers
Jessica Preister, Director, Internal Audit
Ileen Weisser, Accounting Assistant: post-award administration including effort certification reports and cost sharing
Krista Welch,  Accounting Assistant: Direct pay, travel vouchers and procurement card

Accounting Department
Slagle Hall, Room 212
The University of South Dakota
414 E. Clark St.
Vermillion, SD 57069
Phone:  605-677-5255
Fax:  605-677-6936