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Tuition and Fees are charged according to the policies of the SD Board of Regents.

Distance education, self-support, correspondence, and online. Off-campus rates reflect tuition and fees.  These rates are the total per credit hour cost.

The University of South Dakota
FY15 Fee Schedule 

System Fees  

       Application Fee - Undergraduate

       Application Fee - Graduate  $35.00
       Transcript  $5.00
              Each Additional Transcript, per request  $2.50
Exam for Credit - Course  $90.75
International Student Fee - Per Semester (Fall and Spring Semesters only)  $100.00
Testing Fees  
       COMPASS, Proficiency, Technology Re-test  $17.00
       Nursing Assessment (ASN)  $188.75

       Nursing Assessment (BSN)


Course  Fees (1)  
       Lab - per course  $56.40

       School of Business - Undergraduate - per credit hour

       School of Business - Graduate - per credit hour    $51.40
       Nursing Fee - Undergraduate - per credit hour


       School of Health Sciences Fee (OT, PT, PA, Dental) - per credit hour  $95.70
       Math, Statistics, Chemistry and Lower-Division Computer Science


       Computer Science Upper Division




       Music Undergraduate/Graduate - per credit hour


Program Fees 
       Law School - Semester  $1,131.65
       Communication Disorders - Semester $102.15

Professional Education Majors

       Soph/Junior Field Experience - Semester  $164.35
       Senior Field Experience - Semester $328.95

       Master's Level Internship - One-Time

       Specialist Level Intern - One-Time  $332.85
       Doctoral Level Intern - One-Time  $499.20
Vehicle Registration  
       Automobile - Annual  $126.00
Delivery Fee  
       Nursing Program Off-Campus - per credit hour  $128.60
       International Student Delivery Fee - per credit hour  $384.70
       Medical Student Off Campus - per credit hour  $128.60
       PA Student Off Campus - per credit hour


       Masters of Social Work - per credit hour  $128.60
       pMBA (Sioux Falls) - per credit hour  $364.25

(1) Course Fees: Course fees shall be used to purchase instructional equipment and pay other operating costs, including salary enhancement, for the benefit of students enrolled in the discipline.