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Student Testimonials

Taylor Barstow '12


Studio Art and Art History


Omaha, Nebraska

What inspired you to choose Art?

I knew in high school I wanted to major in art because I've always felt drawn to the process of creating artwork.

What is your favorite part about USD?

The size. You know your professors and can get help whenever you need it. As for social life, there are always new people to meet.

What made a difference in your college experience?

Having a variety of studio classes to take and having a lot of extracurricular's to get involved in. I also love attending the forums put on by student groups and colleges. 

Quote1_3I've always felt drawn to the process of creating artwork.Quote2a_2
What is your most inspiring class or professor?  

Each of my professors has a different personality and goals as artists. This myriad of outlooks has helped me find my identity as a person and an artist. 

What are your plans after graduation?

Move to an urban area and take advantage of any doors that open for me!


Zach DeBoer '12

Zach DeBoer

Art Education and Printmaking


Brandon, South Dakota

Why did you choose USD?

I originally chose USD based on its location/proximity to my home town and it's price. It is also the only accredited art program in the state.

Upon visiting The U during high school, I had a chance to view the art facility and quality of work coming out of the university. That was the deciding factor in choosing USD.

Why Art?

My mother has been a teacher for over 20 years, so I grew up around teachers and educators. I saw her passion and love for her job, which led me to want to become a teacher myself.My high school art teacher gave me the drive to pursue an art career. Combining those two loves was a simple solution to what my major would be.

What is your favorite part about USD?

I love being able to travel from class and around town in minutes. Whether I'm walking, biking, or skateboarding around, my destination is close by.

What made a difference in your college experience?

Becoming involved in the art community and the Student Art Association has been a completely inspirational part of going here for me. Trying to make a positive change in the school has been a new passion of mine.

What are your plans after graduation?

To get a teaching position as a high school art teacher. Preferably, one that makes $100,000 a year. Do you know of any?


Jaymee Harvey '12


Art, painting emphasis
Art History


SAA, AHS, Art History Society

Why USD?

I was offered a scholarship and the campus was comfortable with a great art department.

Why Art?

My high school art teacher told me to listen to what my heart was saying, no matter what. As cheesy as it sounds, he was right.

What is your favorite part about USD?

The relationships I have developed with my professors. They are always willing to go the extra mile. I also love the community that has been built in the art department. We are able to ask questions without  fear and bounce ideas off each other as students.

What are your plans after graduation?

I plan on getting my masters in art history in London.