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Student Theatre Cooperative


Student Theatre Cooperative is an independent student theatre organization, which produces original and cutting-edge theatre that typically would not get produced in the Department of Theatre's main stage season. STC provides opportunities for students to develop leadership and management skills while also refining their craft through theatre production.
At the weekly meetings, students select a season of plays and musicals, assign production teams and plan for those productions and other activities, like Spontaneous Combustion, an event in which student playwrights, directors and actors write and produce original 10-minute plays in a 24-hour period. 
Quote1_3I got involved right away with the Student Theatre Co-op and that helped a lot.Quote2a_2

The organization also engages in service activities with a variety of local entities like the Coffee Loft, the food pantry, the Senior Citizens Center and Sesdac, a center providing support for persons with disabilities. STC also hosts an annual awards party and dinner each spring.


Quote1_3Being able to work together, improvise and create something fantastic on a shoe-string budget has been essential to my current work.Quote2a_2

Get involved!

STC meets weekly at 5:15 p.m. on Thursdays in the Arena Theatre. Meetings and participation are open to all students currently enrolled at the university and to faculty and staff who have an interest in the organization. Approximately 40 students participate annually.