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The Warren M. Lee Center for the Fine Arts is home to the Departments of Art, Music and Theatre. See these facilities in use on our Productions page.

Knutson Theatre  

The Wayne S. Knutson Theatre

The Knutson Theatre is a 450-seat theatre. With 36 line sets and state-of-the-art equipment, it is the department's primary performing space, while also being home to a variety of concerts and convocations.

The Arena Theatre

The Arena Theatre is a flexible use space capable of seating up to 90 patrons. It is the primary classroom for acting, directing and voice classes as well as where the Student Theatre Cooperative meets every Thursday.

  Arena Theatre


Dance Studio  

The Dance Studio

The Dance Studio is adjacent to the Arena and features a wall of curtained mirrors and a sprung, wooden dance floor. Classes in dance, movement dynamics, stage combat and mask are held in this space, which can accommodate up to 50 patrons for performances.



Dressing Rooms

The dressing rooms are adjacent to the Knutson Theatre stage and consist of two large chorus changing rooms with make-up mirrors, showers and bathroom facilities, and three small dressing rooms like the one pictured here.

  Dressing Rooms


Costume Studio  

The Costume Studio

The costume studio is equipped for the design and construction, dying and cleaning of costumes and crafts. A laundry room and nearby costume storage are also included in the shop area.