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Rituals, Visions and Spirits

Mediation   The exhibition features 13 paintings by Oscar Howe of various Dakota ceremonies, including "Hunka Ceremony", rituals like "The Buffalo Hunt" and visions such as "Calf Woman With Pipe". These paintings tell a larger story about Dakota spiritual culture.
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Dance of the Warrior

Dance-of-the-Warrior   On display through Jan. 10, the exhibition showcases the energy and movement of warriors in Oscar Howe's paintings and drawings, and features warriors depicted in the "studio" style, reflecting Howe's training at the Santa Fe Indian School. Whether fighting, riding a horse, or dancing in an honor song, Howe portrayed the movement of Sioux (Očhéthi Šakówiŋ) warriors in beautifully composed works.
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Four Legged: The Animal as Style & Subject

UAG-Four-Legged-Oscar-Howe-Gallery-130x167   This exciting exhibit features Oscar Howe's use of the animal as a subject throughout his painting career. A tradition in his culture and his heritage, the Sioux admiration for animals such as buffalo, elk and deer is apparent in Howe's painting as the artist depicted animals as integral symbols in a variety of Sioux dances and ceremonies.
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Buschor Inspects All Oscar Howe Works


Elizabeth Buschor, a Senior Works on Paper Conservator for the Midwest Art Conservation Center in Minneapolis, conducted a condition survey of all the Oscar Howe paintings in the University Art Galleries permanent collection August 6 - 8, 2012.


The University Art Galleries has been directly involved in the development and exhibition of the Oscar Howe Collection, the largest single collection of works by Dr. Howe, the internationally-noted American Indian artist who served on the USD faculty for 25 years. The Howe Collection is housed in a self-contained gallery in Historic Old Main.

Gallery Hours: 
  • The Oscar Howe Gallery is open to the public Monday through Friday from 1 to 5 p.m., except on national holidays. Weekend visits and out-of-hours tours may be arranged with prior notification.

A selection of Oscar Howe's paintings has been reproduced as giclee prints and available for sale. Oscar Howe, Artist (2nd Edition) is available for sale in both paperback and hardcover.

The University Art Galleries operates the Oscar Howe Memorial Association, which promotes research and educational projects in Native American art. The Oscar Howe Memorial Association sponsors the USD Summer Art Institute, the Oscar Howe Archive Project, the Oscar Howe Memorial Lecture and the Robert Penn Northern Plains Contemporary Indian Art Collection.


Some of Oscar Howe's prints are available for purchase.   



Oscar Howe Artist  

Oscar Howe, Artist (2nd Edition) is now available!


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