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2012 Research & Creative Activity Grant Winners

2012 Graduate Student Research and Creative Activity Grant Winners


Aimee N Deliramich

Title: EMT and Paramedic First Responders Preparedness in Working with Individuals with Disabilities
Program: Clinical Psychology
Advisor: Gemma Skillman

BreeAnn Brandhagen

Title: Study of Mifepristone (MF) as an Antimetastatic Treatment for Aggressive Cancer Cells in Vivo
Program: Basic Biomedical Sciences
Advisor: Carlos Telleria

David Arendt

Title: Orexin and Depression
Program: Biology
Advisor: Cliff Summers

Elizabeth Davis

Title: Characterization of Cytokeratin Associated Protein in Cancer (CAPC)
Program: MD/PhD Program
Advisor: Kristi Egland / Steve Waller

Heather Walker

Title: Study of Combination Platinum-Antiprogestin Therapy toward Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Program: Basic Biomedical Sciences
Advisor: Carlos Telleria

Joseph D Coppock

Title: The Role of HPV Oncogenes in Cancer Metabolism Regulation
Program: MD/PhD Program
Advisor: Keith Miskimins

Karla Tait

Title: A Community-Based Program Evaluation of Cross-Culturally Adapted Psychological First Aid Training Program for Native Frontline Service Providers
Program: Clinical Psychology
Advisor: Randal Quevillon

Matthew Presutti

Title: An Exhibition of The University Art Galleries Permanent Collection of Illustrations
Program: Art
Advisor: Alison Erazmus

Ming Liu

Title: Assessment of Stopover Habitat Quality of Native Riparian Corridor Woodlands and Anthropogenic Woodlots for Landbird Migrants
Program: Biology
Advisor: David Swanson

Sharleen Yuan

Title: Role of TRPV Receptors and Endocannabinoids in Modulating Nociceptive Signaling
Program: Basic Biomedical Sciences
Advisor: Brian D. Burrell

Shivatharsiny Rasalingam

Title: Photocatalytic Degradation of Phenol over Titania-Slica Mixed Oxide Materials
Program: Material Chemistry
Advisor: Ranjit T Koodali

Amanda Lynn Roehl

Title: What Is That!? 20th Century American Composers and their use of Graphic Notation: John Cage and George Crumb
Program: Music
Advisor: David Moskowitz

Brian J. Twenter

Title: Visualizing Indigenous Gender: Representations of Native Americans in Contemporary Film
Program: English
Advisor: John Dudley

Christopher Benjamin Chiller

Title: Developing an Experimental Cryogenic Isotope Distillation Column as Proof of Concept for Germanium Tetrahydride Isotopic Enrichment
Program: Physics
Advisor: Dongming Mei

Cynthia Ostrom

Title: Criticism and Theory Seminar
Program: English
Advisor: John Dudley

Erica L. Mize

Title: Blood Meal Analysis of Black-Tailed Prairie Dog Fleas Collected from Potentially Plague Infected Colonies across Great Plains Region
Program: Biology
Advisor: Hugh Britten

Justin Smith

Title: The Role of Amygdalar GluR1 in the Stress-Choice Model
Program: Biology
Advisor: Cliff Summers

Susan E. Lancaster

Title: Interaction of Blood Platelets with Self-Assembled Monolayers for Potential Use in Drug-Eluting Stents
Program: Biomedical Engineering Program
Advisor: Gopinath Mani

Usha Kiran Tottempudi

Title: Synthesis, Characterization and Application of Perfluoroalkylated Bipyridine Ruthenium Complexes Towards Fabrication of Air- and Water-Stable Dye Sensitized Solar Cells
Program: Materials Chemistry
Advisor: Ranjit Koodali / Haoran Sun