School of Health Sciences Addiction Studies

About Us


We are one of only a few programs in the nation to offer both Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degrees specifically in Addiction Studies. Our Bachelor's degree is available in its entirety both on campus in Vermillion and online. Our Master's degree is offered exclusively online. We also offer two certificate programs online.

Extraordinary Education
  • We are accredited through the National Addiction Studies Accreditation Commission (NASAC).
  • Our faculty members have more than 170 years of experience, they present at state and national conferences, serve on the boards of regional and national organizations, and are members of national honor societies.
  • Our students consistently exceed the national average on board certification exams.
  • Our curriculum exceeds national standards.
  • We infuse co-occurring knowledge throughout the curriculum.
  • Students can choose a Treatment or Prevention emphasis within the curriculum.
  • Students gain "real world" experience working in treatment and/or prevention facilities.
  • All of our courses have been approved by the South Dakota Board of Addiction and Prevention Professionals.
Nationally Accredited

The Department of Addiction Studies (ADS) at the University of South Dakota is accredited through the National Addiction Studies Accreditation Commission (NASAC). NASAC is sanctioned by the Higher Learning Commission (

ADS is the only NASAC - accredited program in the state of South Dakota, and in the region. NASAC accreditation demonstrates that ADS is committed to the establishment, promotion, and evaluation of standards of excellence in addiction education. By meeting rigorous standards for the addiction profession, ADS has proven itself to be a leader in the preparation of competent substance abuse professionals.

Beyond the Classroom

Our students receive shadowing, service learning, and supervised field experiences in a variety of addiction treatment and prevention settings.

Field experience site supervisors consistently comment on the high level of skills and preparedness of our students.