School of Health Sciences Dental Hygiene

Professional Curriculum

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Professional Curriculum

The following is an example of the curriculum leading to a Bachelor of Science degree. Prerequisite courses must be completed prior to admission. These courses may be taken at other institutions; however, it is important to obtain approval from the Department Chairperson prior to taking these courses off campus in order to ensure their transferability. Applicants should apply by the February 15th deadline prior to the fall semester of the year they desire entry into the program. Students must consult department advisors for assistance with their schedules.

Year One - First Semester
Course Credits
DHYG 313-Embryology


DHYG 318-Med/Dental Emergencies 2
DHYG 330-Clinical Skill Dev. I/L 5
DHYG 331-Dental Anatomy 3
DHYG 327-Principles of Radiography 2

Year One - Second Semester


DHYG 314-Histology/Oral Pathology 3
DHYG 333-Radiology Practicum/L 2
DHYG 336-Clinical Skill Dev. II/L 4
DHYG 310-Pharmacology 3
DHYG 351--N2O/O2 Sedation/L 1

Summer Session Between Years One and Two
Course Credits
DHYG 321-Dental Materials I/L


DHYG 396-Dental Practice Management/Field Experience 5
DHYG 350-Oral Local Anesthesia/L 2

Year Two - First Semester
Course Credits
DHYG 415-Nutrition 3
DHYG 422-Dental Materials II/L 2
DHYG 431-Practicum I/L 6
DHYG 436-Periodontics I/L 3

Year Two - Second Semester
Course Credit
DHYG 411-Ethics and Jurisprudence 1
DHYG 435-Practicum II/L 6
DHYG 433-Dental Health Education/Community 4
DHYG 437-Periodontics II 2