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Overview of Our Clinics
  • Our dental hygiene clinics in Sioux Falls and Vermillion are open to the public
  • Students learn in the clinics under the close supervision of licensed dentists and licensed hygienists
  • Our services are offered at reduced rates, however, appointments generally take more time than traditional dental offices
Set Appointment
  • For appointments in Sioux Falls, call 605-367-8046
  • For appointments in Vermillion, call 605-677-5378
Payment Options

We accept private insurance, Medicaid and credit cards to provide you options for payment of our services.

Vermillion Clinic

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Sioux Falls Clinic

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"I recommend this clinic. It’s safe and up to date. It’s the best thing I ever did. In fact, when I got my bill I called the clinic because I thought they had made a mistake since it was so low. But it was right."

-Carrie Dunn of Sioux Falls