School of Health Sciences Dental Hygiene

Patient Rights and Care Policy

What You Can Expect From Us

Our policy is to advise patients of the scope of dental hygiene care available at the facility. Patients will be advised of their treatment needs and will be appropriately referred for procedures that cannot be provided by the program. As a patient of the USD Department of Dental Hygiene, you can expect:

  • Considerate, respectful, confidential treatment
  • Continuity and completion of dental hygiene treatment
  • Access to complete and current information about your condition
  • Advance knowledge of the cost of treatment
  • Informed consent
  • Explanation of recommended treatment
  • Treatment alternatives
  • The option to refuse treatment
  • The risk of no treatment
  • Expected outcomes of various treatments
  • Treatment that meets the standard of care in the profession.
What We Expect From You

As a patient of the USD Department of Dental Hygiene, you are expected to:    

  • Keep scheduled appointments
  • Pay fees for services
  • Follow recommended home care instructions
  • Cooperate in care
  • Notify us of any changes in your health status.