School of Health Sciences Dental Hygiene

Policy on Radiation

  • Radiographs (X-rays) are exposed in this clinic only when their use will assist in dental hygiene treatment planning and care or upon request of the patient or the patient's dentist
  • Radiographs (X-rays) are exposed for diagnostic purposes only and not for the purpose of improving student skills
  • The decision to retake a film(s) will be determined by an instructor and student and based upon the need to obtain diagnostically acceptable films for use in this clinic or by the patient's dentist
  • All retaken films will be done only with the assistance of an instructor
  • We will gladly send films exposed in this clinic to the patient's dentist
  • It is essential for the films to be evaluated by an instructor before leaving the department
  • It is our goal to present your dentist with diagnostically acceptable films for continuing dental care
  • Films are exposed after the completion of the patient's medical-dental history and clinical exam
  • The type of film necessary and frequency of exposure is based upon guidelines established by representatives from the Academics of General Dentistry, Dental Association. This panel is sponsored by the Food and Drug Administration
  • Further¬†recommendations are posted in our clinic and radiology area and available to all patients or interested individuals