School of Health Sciences Dental Hygiene

Selection Criteria

  • This page is for the applicant's information only
  • Do not return this with your application
  • The applicant is responsible for providing all the selection materials listed
  • Dependent on the pool of applications presented each year, the Department Selection Committee reserves the right to determine first round consideration levels per selection criterion
  • Any application not complete by the February 15 deadline will not be considered
Selection Scoring


Percent of Score

College GPA on Scored Prerequisite Courses*


Personal Interview**


ACT Composite Score




 * - Midterm grades will be used for any scored prerequisite courses in progress at application deadline 
** - Not all applicants will be contacted for an interview. Applications will be ranked according to established criteria and candidates who rank highly will be interviewed. The number of applicants interviewed will be determined by ranking of total pool. Interviews will most likely be conducted in March and will be face-to-face. The interview will include a short writing assignment. Contact to set up this interview will first be through e-mail. Dental office experience and recommendation credit is incorporated into the interview score.
*** - State residents attending USD full-time for at least one semester = 100 points; Non-resident attending USD FT for at least one semester = 75 points; State resident not attending USD = 50 points; Non-resident not attending USD = 0 points

  • Students are encouraged to take advantage of the learning support services available at USD
  • The GPA calculator can be used to calculate scored prerequisite grade point average. When the prompt asks you how many courses you are taking this semester, type in 11 for the nine scored prerequisites plus two chem lab grades. Then enter the credit hours for each scored prerequisite, plus the grade received or projected to be received. When all nine have been entered, click on the Calculate Semester GPA button at the bottom and your GPA for the scored prerequisite courses will be calculated