School of Health Sciences Health Sciences Major


Student Josh Carlson Photo 2012 resized  

To say the very least, the Health Sciences Undergraduate Degree has prepared me for nearly every aspect of the Physical Therapy Graduate Program. Specifically, working in healthcare teams, patient and human relations, and health literacy and culture have held the most impact this semester. Please do not misinterpret the previous sentence to say that those are the ONLY classes that have held  their weight in the Graduate Program. There is not one single class that has not helped prepare me for becoming a Physical Therapist and working in the healthcare field.   Since the first day of classes, knowledge attained with the undergraduate degree has been re-stated and solidified. It is noticeable when this information is first heard by other students without a B.S. in Health Sciences. Moreover, it is reassuring that our fundamentals have been set prior to graduate school with the Health Sciences Undergraduate Degree to maximize patient ethical considerations and patient-centered care.  The Physical Therapy Graduate Program is very difficult; the Health Sciences Undergraduate Degree has decreased the amount of newly attained information and made the program more manageable.

Josh Carlson
2012 Health Sciences Major Graduate