School of Health Sciences Physical Therapy

Tuition and Fees for DPT Program

These tuition and fee charges are estimates from the USD Business Office based upon fall 2014 tuition. All rates are set by the South Dakota Board of Regents. Additional information on fees and tuition charges can be found on the Business Office web site or you may contact them at 605-677-5613.

Tuition - Graduate Student   Rate/Credit Hour
  South Dakota Resident $210.40
  Minnesota Resident $469.85
  Non-Resident $647.75
University Fees   Rate/Credit Hour
  University Support Fee - Resident $90.30
 University Support Fee - Non-Resident$113.30
  General Activity Fee $38.30
Physical Therapy Fees  
  School of Health Sciences Discipline Fee $95.70 per PHTH Credit Hour

PT Liability Fee

$11.00/Fall semester only
Estimated Program Total (136 Credits)*    
  South Dakota Resident $57,332.40
  Minnesota Resident $92,617.60
  Non-Resident $119,940.00
Books   Per Year
  First Year (Estimated) $2,459
  Second Year (Estimated) $1142
  Third Year $300

*Number of credits are subject to change.
These estimates do not include food, housing transportation or miscellaneous expenses.

Vaccinations and Background Estimates
  • Hepatitis B Vaccination (1st Year only if student has not had it) $59 for each of the three vaccinations in the series and $40 for the titer
  • TB (PPD) Vaccination $10/Annually
  • Tetanus/Pertussis (Tdap) Vaccination $48
  • Background Check $100
  • Background Check $40 Update/Annually