School of Health Sciences Social Work

Accreditation Information

Like all new MSW programs, we must complete a period of candidacy before we are eligible for accreditation. Accreditation of a new program is a process, and we are currently in the middle of the process. Full accreditation is granted only after the first class of students has graduated and we have completed a period of candidacy. Accreditation is retroactive to the first graduated classThe program is in Candidacy Once the program is accredited, your degree earned during the period of candidacy will be from an accredited program.

We have had two successful site visits from the Council on Social Work Education. A third site visit will take place in the fall of 2012. In the fall of 2013 a team of site visitors will review the program and make a recommendation regarding accreditation. The Commission on Accreditation will meet in February 2014 and make a determination regarding the accreditation of the program.

We are currently in good standing with the Council on Social Work Education. The Commissioner visit in the fall of 2011 went extremely well. The next site visit is scheduled for the fall of 2012.