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The mission of the University of South Dakota School of Law is to prepare the lawyers and judges. More>

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ABA Accreditation

Accreditation by the American Bar Association assures compliance with the highest academic standards for Law Schools. More>
American Bar Association, Chicago Headquarters, 321 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60654.

ABA Standard 512  Student Complaints Policy

Students Complaints Relating to Program of Legal Education. See pages 6-7 of the Academic Rules and Student Policies>

Law School Facts

Learn more about our brief sketch, class profiles, faculty, tuition, placement, bar passage and More>

Curriculum Emphasis

Although students may take a traditional law curriculum as described in the Law School Catalog, optional curriculum emphasis is available, such as Indian Law.    More>

Co-Curricular Activities
Co-curricular activities described in the Law School Catalog, emphasize and hone legal skills and provide avenues for competition, scholastic credit and achievement, such as Law Review . More>
Enrichment Programs
A variety of enrichment programs offer experiences through externships, pro-bono work, South Dakotan Lawyer publication and more. More>
Enrichment Organizations
Extracurricular activities and organizations described in the Law School Catalog complement the academic curriculum with opportunities to make positive contributions to the Law School and its environment. More>
Public Interest

Public interest opportunities provide legal service to communities in several areas includingAccess to Justice...   More>

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The mission of The University of South Dakota School of Law is to prepare lawyers and judges for the federal,state, and American Indian justice systems in South Dakota and to provide South Dakota residents and other students an affordable legal education imparting the knowledge, skills and values necessary for the practice of law and careers in a culturally diverse and global environment.

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