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Hagemann Center

Legal & Public Policy Research

Studies the ways in which law actually affects individuals and society, and in particular the people and institutions of South Dakota... more>

Rare Book Collection

This extensive collection houses books on law and regional history that date back to the sixteenth century. Included in the collection are: Coca-Cola Decrees 1923; Chitty's Pleadings, 1836; Hobart's reports, 1671; Wood on Fire Insurance, 1886... more>

 Center Press
Center Press

Publishes books of interest to the South Dakota academic, legal, and public policy communities... more>

Mission Statement

The Hagemann Center has three primary functions. First, it conducts research projects on legal and public policy issues, focusing on issues of particular importance to South Dakota. The Center's efforts will include empirical research into the actual effects of various laws and legal doctrines, using statistical and survey data. To complete these projects, The Center will partner with outside funding sources. Second, The Hagemann Center will serve as a publishing house for books and other materials of interest to the South Dakota legal and academic communities or relating to legal and public policy issues facing South Dakotans. And third, The Center will publish the South Dakota Journal of Law & Public Policy, aimed at facilitating discussion and debate within the South Dakota legal and public policy arenas concerning issues relevant to South Dakota. In addition to these functions, The Center will also engage in other related activities, such as holding occasional lectures on legal and public policy issues, sponsoring a writing contest for law students on an issue of South Dakota law or public policy, and maintaining the Hagemann Rare Book Collection.  

Center Personnel

Professor Patrick M. Garry, Director
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Candice Spurlin, Research Coordinator
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Stephannie Bonaiuto, Administrator
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