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  • Cases and Materials on Family Law for the South Dakota Lawyer, 7th Edition
  • A Scholar's Pursuit
    • Praise for Scholar's Pursuit
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Cases and Materials on Family Law for the South Dakot Lawyer, 7th Edition

Cases and Materials on Family Law for the South Dakota Lawyer 7th Edition is available at the USD Barnes and Noble Bookstore. 

  • Reviews of Family Law for the South Dakota Lawyer, 7th Edition 
    • "South Dakotans do not live or work at Blackacre or some other mythical place. They live and work in South Dakota, whose law and practice determine their rights and obligations. By nicely synthesizing national law with local doctrine, Professor Baron continues to equip South Dakota family lawyers to serve their clients' needs and aspirations in the finest tradition of the profession."
      - Douglas E. Abrams, Professor of Law School of Law, University of Missouri  
    • This book by Professor Roger Baron, University of South Dakota School of Law, should be on the desk of every family law practitioner and judge in South Dakota.  It is comprehensive, well organized and user friendly.  Professor Baron has given us a valuable tool that will reduce your research time and provide solutions to the problems presented in the arena of family law.
      - Kathleen F. Trandahl, Sixth Circuit Judge, South Dakota  
    • Professor Baron has written a book that is not only invaluable to the law student, but equally invaluable to the practicing lawyer. I had been out of the practice of law for nearly a decade and, therefore, was unfamiliar with 10 years of family law precedent. It took me a matter of hours to get up to speed with Professor Baron's book. It is a godsend to the old folks and a valuable resource to the young attorney.
       -Bill Janklow, former Governor of South Dakota and Member of Congress  
    • I have been using Professor Baron's "Cases and Materials on Family Law" for over ten years. Even in the age of electronic research, Prof. Baron's book is exceedingly convenient to have at hand for everything from drafting pleadings to simply answering a quick question for a call-in. It provides a thorough treatment of common family law topics with current South Dakota authority addressing each, all in a user-friendly volume.  I recommend this reference resource to anyone practicing in this area of law.
      -Melissa E. Neville, Bantz, Gosch & Cremer, L.L.C.  
    • Roger Baron's Family Law text book and annual supplement are excellent resources that provide answers to most family law questions.  Like the old adage:  before you ask someone else–first look in the code and check the pocket part; the same is true with Professor Baron's book "Cases and Material on Family Law.  Whenever one has a question on family law in South Dakota, first check Roger Baron's "Cases and Materials on Family Law."
      -Craig Thompson, Attorney at Law  
    • Professor Roger Baron's "Family Law in South Dakota" is a "must-have" resource for family law practitioners. Professor Baron provides the most practical, up-to-date information on what is becoming an increasingly complex area of the law. I consistently find myself turning to Professor Baron's work and it plays an important role in my family law practice.
       -Scott Swier, Attorney at Law
    • "[T]his book is the most useful book I received in law school.  Seven years ago it was useful when I purchased it in paperback, but now it has become a highly sought after resource in the firm.  Of all the books I purchased in law school, this is the one that I continue to use on a regular basis in practice.  Many of the expensive books that I purchased in other classes have become out dated and generally deal with law outside the state.  The book gives incredible insight into the inner workings of family law in South Dakota and is simply irreplaceable. Thank you Professor Baron for your continued dedication to the South Dakota Bar in producing updates to your book." 
      -Eric J. Strawn, Tellinghuisen & Gordon, P.C.
    • "I always keep Professor Barron's book within arm's reach. It is a thorough and well organized source; I am able to find my answer quickly, and with good confidence."
      -Judge Mark Barnett, 6th Circuit Judge, South Dakota
    • "I love your newest edition [7th] of the Family Law book.  I've only been practicing a short time since ending my clerkship but have already referred to it many times."
      -Jennifer Goldammer, McCann, Ribstein & McCarty P.C.

You can purchase this new edition on the USD Barnes and Noble web site or by calling 605-677-6291.             

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A Scholar's PursuitThe John Hagemann Quotation Collection     

A Scholar's Pursuit is John Hagemann's personal collection of quotations — the fruit of decades of collecting and organizing the quotes he loved.  The book begins with selected memorials delivered at John's memorial service at the Muenster University Center in December, 2009, followed by his extensive collection of quotations. 

  • Reviews of A Scholar's Pursuit: The John Hagemann Quotation Collection
    • A Scholar's Pursuit is an irresistible collection of pithy quotes compiled over a lifetime by a man who appreciated both classical and legal education. There are hundreds of famous and funny quotes in this book - a quote for every occasion and every purpose. This book is a valuable resource to people who deliver public remarks; for everyone else, it is thought provoking and delightful.
      Matthew C. Moen, Ph.D.,Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Lohre Distinguished Professor, USD 
    • "Having had a bit of free time in the past week I have had the opportunity to read the "Scholar's Pursuit" book from cover to cover.  John's collection of quotations is certainly an elevation from most of these types of works I have seen.  It also gives an excellent measure of the man and what was important to him."
      -David Gilbertson, Chief Justice South Dakota Supreme Court 
    • "I'm enjoying perusing the [Scholar's Pursuit] and it feels almost like being with the good professor sitting in his office across his desk in the "visitor's chair."  It's nice to have the eulogies included in this same volume as well."
      -Lynn Sudbeck, former Deputy State Court Administrator, UJS of South Dakota  
    • For those who knew John - and more than 80% of South Dakota's lawyers were his students - his spirit will be found in these pages.  This collection of quotations embodies his humor, compassion, intellectualism, and love of language.  A great read.
      -Dennis Cichon, Former Colleague and Professor of Law, Thomas M. Cooley School of Law 
    • I recommend this work for daily use. I keep a copy on my desk and review one or two quotations before I start work each day. It is a wonderful way to begin the day because it evokes wisdom or a smile: often both. 
       Steven Zinter, Justice South Dakota Supreme Court
    • While reading A Scholar's Pursuit, I cannot help but to reflect how the words of others seem to have so much more meaning when read in the voice of Professor Hagemann.  Thank you for publishing his quotation collection so that his voice and legacy lives on.
      -Bob Morris, Past President, South Dakota State Bar
    • I've had a lot of fun reading [A Scholar's Pursuit].  Every time I hope it, I hear John's deep voice booming across the room. 
      -Gary Sokolow, Professor, College of the Redwoods


Description of the Center Press

The Hagemann Center Press publishes books of interest to the South Dakota academic, legal, and public policy communities. As such, the Hagemann Center Press publishes books that, because of the relatively small population of South Dakota, would not otherwise be published by larger commercial publishing houses. The Hagemann Center Press thus fills an important reference resource and legal education role within the state of South Dakota.  

The Hagemann Center Press's first published book was A Scholar's Pursuit: The John Hagemann Quotation Collection. John Hagemann retired in 2009 from the University of South Dakota, where he taught for 41 years, in addition to serving as Director of the McKusick Law Library. During those 41 years, Professor Hagemann collected and organized a wide array of unusual, insightful, and sometimes humorous quotations. These quotations, compiled and organized by subject headings in A Scholar's Pursuit, constitute an invaluable resource for speakers and writers.            

A publishing project on which the Hagemann Center Press is currently working involves a documentary history of the South Dakota Constitution. Although many state constitutional histories have been published in recent years, thus evidencing the increasing interest in state constitutional law, no such history on the South Dakota state constitution has yet been published. The Hagemann Center Press seeks to fill this need.  The Hagemann Center Press is currently considering other book manuscripts for publication. These manuscripts focus on South Dakota law and history. However, the Press will ultimately strive to publish a wide range of books appealing to the academic, legal, and public policy communities of South Dakota. Interested authors should contact Patrick Garry (Publisher) or Candice Spurlin (Production Director).

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Hagemann-logo The Hagemann Center Press (HCP) publishes books of special appeal or interest to the academic, legal, and public policy communities in South Dakota.