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Tom Horton

Thomas Horton
Associate Professor
Law, Law School
Phone: 605-677-6367
Teaching Interests:
Antitrust & Consumer Protection; Trial Advocacy and Techniques; History and Law
Research Interests:
Evolutionary biology models applied to stuctural and behavioral antitrust analyses; ethics and antitrust enforcement; Clayton Act merger regulation standards and enforcemt/international merger review standards; Agricultural antitrust issues; and comparative antitrust/competition law standards and enforcement.
  • M.A.L.S. (American Studies), Georgetown University, 2007
  • JD, Law---Order of the Coif, Case Western Reserve University, 1981
  • BA, Biological Sciences, Harvard University, 1977
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Awards and Honors:
  • Belbas-Larson Award for Excellence in Teaching, USD, 2013
  • Johnson, Heidepriem & Abdallah Trial Advocacy Fellowship, Johnson, Heidepriem & Abdallah, 2012
  • John Wesley Jackson Outstanding Faculty Award, USD School of Law, 2011
  • Horton, T. (2014, June). Efficiencies and Antitrust : An Evolutioanry Perspective. Presented at the American Antitrust Institute Annual Meeting (2014), Washington, DC.
  • Horton, T. (2014, January). Confucianism and Antitrust . Presented at the The Next Generation of Antitrust Scholars (2014), New York City.
  • Horton, T. (2013, April). Fairness and Antitrust Reconsidered: An Evolutionary Perspective. Presented at the SEAL Annual Meeting 2013, University of Pennsylvania School of Law Philadelphia, PA.
  • Horton, T. (2013, March). Applying Evolutionary Theory to Agricultural Antitrust Analyses. Presented at the Antitrust & Competition in America's Heartland, Vermillion, SD.
  • Horton, T. (2012, April). Applying Evolutionary Theory to Structural and Behavioral Analyses. Presented at the SEAL Annual Meeting 2012, Emory Law School Atlanta, GA.
  • Horton, T. (2010, June). Agricultural Antitrust Issues in South Dakota. Presented at the Vermillion Rotary Club, Vermillion, SD.
  • Horton, T. (2010, April). Fixing Merger Litigation 'Fixes': Reforming the Litigation of Proposed Merger Remedies Under Section 7 of the Clayton Act. Presented at the Tenth Annual Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies.