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Tuition and Financial Aid

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Law School AY Fall 2014 Law School AY Spring 2015
08/15/14 First class day
08/26/14 Last day to add
08/26/14 Last day to drop
09/29/14 Last day to take W grade
01/07/15 First class day
TBD Last day to add
TBD Last day to drop
TBD Last day to take W grade

University of South Dakota Financial Aid/Business Office Refund Information

USD Law School Costs, 2014-2015
Resident Tuition1 Minnesota Reciprocity Nonresident Tuition
$3,827/semester $7,267.50/sem $11,634/semester

 All first-year students have a required curriculum of 31 hours.

Tuition and Fees for First Year Students, 2014-2015
Resident1 Minnesota Reciprocity Nonresident
$13,904 $20,785 $29,518

 All first year students have a required curriculum of 31 hours.

Estimated living expenses for a single off-campus resident 
Room $4,624
Board $3,073
Books $1,400
Travel $2,663
Personal $2,604


Expenses plus tuition and fees
Resident1 Minnesota Nonresident
$13,775 $20,656 $29,518
$14,364 $14,364 $14,364
$28,139 $34,020 $43,882

 Second and third-year students have an average curriculum of 30 hours.

 The figures for expenses plus tuition and fees are based on 30 hours.

1The South Dakota Board of Regents Policy Manual, Section 3-2(C) states, in part: Physical presence in South Dakota for the predominant purpose of attending an institution of higher education controlled by the Board does not count in determining the twelve month period of residence. Detailed information regarding resident and nonresident classification of students is available.