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Arts & Exhibits

Course-Integrated and Conference Presentations, Performances, Installations and Exhibits
University Libraries Gallery

The University Libraries houses an eclectic assortment of artistic works on all three floors of the I. D. Weeks building. Under the central stairwell in the Academic Commons, the University Libraries and the University Art Galleries are pleased to feature exhibits of art by students as well as work of the larger public in the University Libraries Gallery.

Current Exhibition Schedule
Past Exhibits
  • Dressed and Repressed: Addressing Material Significance
  • Bound and Unbound II 
  • Making Art Work
  • Images from Abroad
  • Corroborations 2013
  • Campaign Buttons through the Years
  • The Day of the Dead (El Dia de los Muertos)
  • PostSecret@USD
  • Art and Exhibits Spring Semester 2012
  • Artifacts of Public Education in Early South Dakota 1860-1946
  • Vitrified Edifice
  • "As the Flower Tells It"
  • "You are Still with Us"
  • Gallery Walk and Reception
  • What We Do.
  • The History of the United States: Volume 1 (1774-1809)
  • Vermillion in Blue
  • Corroborations
  • A Westerner's Curiosity: China
  • Colorimetry: An Installation of Ink and Water Color Painting on Paper
  • Artists Against Sexual Assault
  • Illustration of the 1950's and 1960's
  • Nocturne Portfolio
  • Art Installation- Emergence by Cody Spiegel
  • Luminaries in the History of Arts and Sciences at USD
  • Mexican Muralists - Works on Paper 
  • Words that Changed History
  • Bound and Unbound Altered Book Exhibition
Art Collections

Robert L. Penn Northern Plains Contemporary Indian Art Collection - 3rd Floor
In 1999, The University of South Dakota (USD) and its University Art Galleries established the Northern Plains Contemporary Indian Art Collection. As with other University Art Galleries subcollections, this component is viewed as a study collection engaging the University community, and especially students, in a unique aesthetic and cultural perspective. The University's Northern Plains Contemporary Indian Art Collection is funded upon the legacy of Oscar Howe, the internationally celebrated Yankonai Dakota artist who taught art here for twenty-five years. This exhibition is dedicated to Robert  Penn, a 1972 University graduate and Oscar Howe protégé. Penn, who died February 7, 1999, was widely recognized as the leading painter of his generation among Northern Plains Indian artists. The USD Northern Plains Cotemporary Indian Art Collection emphasizes Northern Plains contemporary paintings between the 1930s and the present and attempts to contextualize American Indian art in terms of its relationship to contemporary movements. Other portions of the collection are exhibited across campus.