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Archives and Special Collections Exhibit: Greetings from South Dakota Postcards


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The USD Archives and Special Collections is home to many unique holdings from South Dakota's past.  This on-line exhibit, Greetings from South Dakota, is a compilation of 29 postcards rendering images from throughout the state.  Although the collection is relatively small, with 159 cards, the images are diverse and give a glimpse of life in South Dakota in the early 1900s.  All dates given are based on that of the postal date unless otherwise written on the front of the postcard.


bridge bridge2
Sioux Falls, SD: August 5, 1913
pierrebridge pierrebridge2
Pierre, SD: April 18, 1913
Springfield, SD (date unknown)

huron huron2
Huron, SD: September 6, 1913
taborchurch taborchurch2 
Tabor, SD: October 18, 1913
Vermillion, SD: May 7, 1909 

CoD Cod2
CoD State Camp: September 18, 1914
Vermillion, SD (date unknown)
Vermillion, SD (date unknown)

Fairfax, SD: September 11, 1907
Vermillion, SD: June 8, 1912
 thumbTheDouglas1 thumbTheDouglas2
Yankton, SD (date unknown)
Snow storm: Febuary 2, 1910

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