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The "VAIL" Tutor

Information Literacy Academic Integrity

In this section, you will complete a lesson using the VAIL Tutor, developed by the Center for Intellectual Property at the University of Maryland University College. The VAIL Tutor start screen will appear in a new window when you click the link. Click on the Vail Tutor link to enter Vail Tutor. There are four modules and a short quiz in the VAIL Tutor. The VAIL Tutor's quiz is NOT the Academic Integrity Quiz that is required for Freshman English courses.

Once you have finished the VAIL Tutor you will be ready to take the Academic Integrity quiz that is part of the Freshman English Information Literacy Exercises. You will need to log into your Desire2Learn page then click on the link "Freshmen English Information Literacy Exercises." Select the "Academic Integrity Quiz.

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To view the tutorials, you will need a copy of the Macromedia Flash Player.