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What is the Web?

Information Literacy Web Evaluation

The Web (also known as the World Wide Web - or www) is a global Internet service connecting hypertext data and resources. It organizes information by pages that are accessible through a browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator). You can move quickly from one web site to another in search of information, graphics, and data.

In the early 1990's the advent of the World Wide Web was made possible through the creation of a computer language, Hyper-text Mark-up Language (HTML), that made information available in a more user-friendly format. By using HTML, the information put onto the Web could be accessed very easily using the point and click method. Before the Web's creation, users needed to know and be able to use one or more computer languages (like DOS) just to access Internet information.

The main functions of the Web are: information sharing, education, commerce, entertainment, and communication (both personal and organizational).