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 Web Feeds at the University Libraries

Now you can keep up with continuously updated items from the University Libraries and content updates from your favorite online resources. Just click on the content areas you're interested in and follow the instructions in your news aggregator for adding a feed.

What are Web Feeds?

Web feeds are computer-readable files that summarize new content as it appears on a website, often containing news. Using web feeds is an excellent way to keep track of rapidly changing content from numerous sites.  They primarily utilize technologies called RSS and Atom, which are just two different formats that achieve the same thing.

How do I use Web Feeds?

To use RSS feeds, you need to be using a feed reader, or use the "live bookmark" function available in recent versions of most web browsers. When you click on the feed links on this page (or elsewhere, as indicated by the orange feed icon) your browser will attempt to subscribe to the feed using whatever tool is set as the default RSS reader on your computer.

  • Web sites that provide RSS Feeds indicate their availability by displaying one of these icons xml small  and xml   and rss . 
For more information see these documents created by the University Libraries:

RSS - An Introduction to Feeds and Aggregators


What Web feeds are available from the University Libraries?
   Department Blogs