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The South Dakota Oral History Project [SDOHP] contains over  3,200 oral history recordings. In 1970, the South Dakota State Legislature allocated funds to establish the South Dakota Oral History Project and researchers began touring the state in order to gather stories of the people who lived there.

The project's original charge was to interview people from every county in South Dakota, which led to over 2,450 taped interviews collected between 1970 and 1977.

SDOHP, while focusing on people living in South Dakota, contains numerous topics from people who came to the state from every part of the world. Immigration, immigrants, daily life, culture, politics, local events, inclement weather, activism, preservation, crime, and environment are all themes that can be found in this collection of diverse memories and experiences of South Dakota's people.

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SDOHPInfoPage The above photograph is of the Yankton Agency from the early 1900s. The photograph comes from the American Indian Research Project, collection number 0095.