Sanford School of Medicine Neuroscience Group

Center for Brain and Behavior Research (CBBRe)

Our Mission
The University of South Dakota Center for Brain and Behavior Research (CBBRe)  promotes innovative basic to translational research that addresses problems in neurology, neuropsychology and psychiatry. The CBBRE provides outstanding training of research students and fellows, feeding the pipeline of creative independent scientists in the fields of neuroscience and behavioral science within the northern plain states and nationally. The core members of the center are recognized in their field and are actively involved in research, the education of students, and in service to the neuroscience community.

Our Research Strengths
  • Stress: Neural and behavioral processes underlying stress, mood and emotion, and related psychiatric disorders, particularly addiction/substance dependence and affective disorders.
  • Development: Neural, cognitive and behavioral development and related developmental disorders, particularly behavioral/cognitive disorders, learning disabilities, and communication disorders.
  • Plasticity: Neural and behavioral processes underlying learning, memory and motor function, and related neurological disorders, particularly stroke, traumatic brain injury, Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease, and Alzheimer's disease.
CBBRe Activities and Programs

CBBRe Graduate Student Research Training Programs

Summer Program for Undergraduate Research in Addiction (SPURA)

CBBRe Research Enhancement Pilot Grant Program

CBBRe Graduate Student Travel Award Program

CBBRe Annual Research Symposium

CBBRe Workshops

  • The goal of these monthly workshops is to further understanding of a given research area or methodology. These one-hour workshops provide an informal setting for students, staff and faculty learn more about a given research area, discuss ideas, think about future research, and interact with other CBBRe members. All are welcome.

Neuroscience Journal Club

  • Presentations are on Wednesdays in Sioux Falls and the 2nd and 4th Thursday in Vermillion, each month during the school year. Email to be added to the Vermillion journal club email list and to be added to the Sioux Falls journal club email list.