Sanford School of Medicine Center for Disabilities

About Us

The Center for Disabilities conducts diverse yet integrated activities through four core areas each reflecting state-of-the art knowledge and experience in the area of disabilities.

Core Areas
  • Academic Training
    The Center for Disabilities provides interdisciplinary preservice preparation of graduate students and fellows. Emphasis is placed on the interdisciplinary preparation of leadership personnel. Traineeships are tailored to the student with site specific training opportunities available.
  • Community Services
    Community Education: The Center for Disabilities provides community and outreach training that allows access to training on a variety of disability areas through conferences, workshops and seminars. Programs offered vary depending on the current training needs of practicing professionals.
    Services and Supports: The Center for Disabilities provides diagnostic services and supports through a variety of programs and through contractual agreements with various agencies.
  • Information Dissemination
    The Center for Disabilities provides South Dakota and the region easy access to current disability information. The Center for Disabilities is a partner in the Wegner Health Science and Information Center (Wegner Center). This partnership allows Center for Disabilities consumers to have access to the entire Wegner Center Collection.
  • Research and Evaluation
    Research: The Center for Disabilities staff and graduate students conduct research on a wide range of topics related to disabilities.
    Evaluation: The ultimate outcome of the Center for Disabilities evaluation process is identifying whether people with disabilities in South Dakota have moved toward more independence and self-sufficiency than their current status in these areas. The formative component of the evaluation includes the Center for Disabilities Management Information System and the Quality Assurance and Satisfaction Data. The summative evaluation focuses on the success of improvements in the lives of people with disabilities and effective collaborations.

In addition to the four core areas, The Center for Disabilities is responsible for the administration of Disability Services at The University of South Dakota.  Disability Services ensures that student at USD who have disabilities receive the accommodations to which they are entitled.