Sanford School of Medicine Center for Disabilities

Birth To 3 - What We Do

Service Coordinators for Birth To 3 help families receive developmental screenings, multifaceted evaluations, and service coordination through the following process.

Receiving Referrals
Initiating the Early Intervention Process
  • Birth To 3 Service Coordinators provide parents with information on Birth To 3 and explain their rights.

  • Birth To 3 Service Coordinators assist in the completion of developmental screenings and/or multifaceted developmental evaluations.

  • Birth To 3 Service Coordinators make referrals to the appropriate school district for complete developmental evaluations.

  • Eligibility for Birth To 3 is determined based on the results of the multifaceted developmental evaluations.

  • Birth To 3 Service Coordinators facilitate the development of an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP).  IFSPs address the provision of appropriate services in the child's natural environment.

  • Birth To 3 Service Coordinators invite appropriate qualified providers to the IFSP meeting.

Conducting Ongoing Activities
  • Birth To 3 Service Coordinators contact families on a regular basis to ensure that services are being provided and to ensure that other issues that may arise will be addressed appropriately.
  • Birth To 3 Service Coordinators. . . 
    • set the six month review of the Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP).
    • set up the annual review of the IFSP.
    • coordinate and monitor services on the IFSP.
    • facilitate ongoing communication regarding transition options prior to the child turning three years of age.
    • assist families in accessing other community resources.

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