Sanford School of Medicine Center for Disabilities

Consumer Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC) is to advise, assist, and give guidance to the Center for Disabilities. The CAC generally meets twice a year with sub-groups meeting throughout the year as needed.

The membership of the Consumer Advisory Committee consists of:

  • individuals with disabilities,
  • family members of individuals with disabilities, and
  • representatives of the public and private sector who by their positions, interest and training contribute to the integration of individuals with disabilities into the community and contribute to the quality of services provided in the field of disabilities.

Fifty-five percent of the members of the CAC are individuals with disabilities and/or family members of individuals with disabilities.

Professionals who sit on the Consumer Advisory Committee include representatives of:

  • South Dakota Protection and Advocacy,
  • South Dakota Council on Developmental Disabilities,
  • self-advocacy organizations,
  • state agencies providing services to people with disabilities,
  • local agencies providing services to people with disabilities,
  • private, non-profit groups concerned with providing services to people with disabilities,
  • tribal agencies and programs,
  • Indian Health Services, and
  • higher education.

Consumer Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes
Meeting held on May 15, 2012
Meeting held on December, 8, 2011
Meeting held on June 13, 2011
Meeting held on September 23, 2010
Meeting held on May 20, 2010