Sanford School of Medicine Center for Disabilities

Dietetic Internship - Concentration

The concentration for the Dietetic Internship at the Center for Disabilities is Adults and Children with Disabilities.

The Center for Disabilities is located within the Department of Pediatrics at the Sanford School of Medicine of the University of South Dakota. This provides many opportunities for education, training, volunteer experiences, and supervised practice in the concentration area of adults and children with disabilities.

Experiences specific to the concentration area include spending time with registered dietitians that work with individuals with disabilities in settings such as nursing homes, group homes, Children's Care Hospital and School, and specialty clinics such as an Autism Spectrum Disorders Clinic, a Feeding Clinic and the South Dakota LEND Developmental Clinic.  FAMP 595 - Nutrition Practices for Special Needs Populations is a requirement.  Additionally, interns complete assignments and activities related to disabilities.

Interns that have completed the Dietetic Internship at the Center for Disabilities indicate that the time spent in the area of special needs populations was time well spent and has been helpful to them in their work. Graduates from our internship work in many areas of dietetics including clinical (big and small hospitals), management, and community (WIC, specialty clinics, developmental centers, long term care, group homes, outpatient, state agencies, etc.) and many of them indicate that they work with adults or children with disabilities fairly regularly through the course of their work.

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