Sanford School of Medicine Center for Disabilities

Dietetic Internship - Program Cost

Program costs for the full time option of the Dietetic Internship at the Center for Disabilities are listed below. Costs are subject to change. Please note - Federal financial aid is only available for students working towards a masters degree.

Application Fee


D&D Digital (computer match fee)


Liability Insurance


AND Affiliate Membership Fee


Dietetic Internship Fee - Per Year
     Initial Deposit due July 1 ($1,000.00 non-refundable)
     Each Semester ($3,500.00 due first week of September and
          first week of January)

$9, 000.00

Graduate Tuition and Fees - 2 Credit Hours
     Residents - $50.00 per credit hour
     Non-Residents  - $50.00 per credit hour
     Costs are subject to change by the South Dakota
          Board of Regents.


Experience in areas around Sioux Falls, South Dakota
     This amount is to cover extra transportation and
          additional housing costs during this experience.


Professional references and texts as well as access to the Nutrition Care Manual will be provided.


Required Criminal Background Check


RD Exam Review Study Guide will be provided.


Estimated Total Program Cost


Additional costs to consider when planning your internship year.
  • Laptop computer, printer, computer paper and printer ink cartridges.
  • Food
  • Graduate School Application Fee (If enrolled in a masters program.) - $35.00
  • Automobile Insurance
  • Health Insurance (Required to show proof of health insurance.)
  • Housing (Costs vary by location. Housing may be provided at some locations.)
  • Lab Coat (Needed for some rotations. May use lab coat you already own.)
  • Physical Examination and Immunizations
    • Including Varicella, Tuberculosis and Hepatitis B Series. (Must have started Hepatitis B Series prior to entering the program or already be immunized.)
  • Transportation
    • A vehicle is needed to provide transportation to classes and rotation sites.
    • Plan on an average of approximately 100-200 miles per week.
    • South Dakota is a rural state, thus making travel a normal and necessary part of life. However, the roads are good and traffic is generally minimal making travel easier than in more populated areas. 

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