Sanford School of Medicine Center for Disabilities

NOFAS-SD - Training and Technical Assistance

NOFAS-SD offers training and technical assistance to families, schools and human service agencies that are working with individuals who have been diagnosed with an FASD. It is the priority of this service that individuals and families requesting assistance will be treated with the utmost privacy and respect.
  • Goal - The training and technical assistance goal of NOFAS-SD is to provide on-site training and technical assistance that assist with the programming needs of people with an FASD. Training and technical assistance will assist families and professionals in developing appropriate strategies to improve the educational and health outcomes for the individual with an FASD. The ultimate outcome of this service is developing improved productivity and quality of life for the person with an FASD.
  • Services - Education strategists provide on-site technical assistance and training for families, schools and agencies that are or may be in the future involved with caretaking and/or providing services for individuals with an FASD. Technical assistance services include identifying resources and programs which are appropriate for people with an FASD. Trainings are in-service opportunities for families and professionals to increase and improve their understanding of FASD. In-services will also provide appropriate programming techniques and guidelines for use with people who have an FASD.
  • Training Topics - The following is a list of topics for training, in-services and workshops available through NOFAS-SD. In addition, trainings can be tailored to meet the needs of specific audiences.
    • FASD 101 - A General Overview of FASD
    • Characteristics of Individuals with FASD
    • FASD Screening Tools and Diagnostic Criteria
    • FASD and the Criminal Justice System
    • Treatment Strategies and Planning Issues to Improve Outcomes for Adolescents and Adults with FASD
    • Classroom Strategies for Students with FASD
    • FASD and Co-Occurring Mental Health Diagnoses
    • FASD Prevention Programs for School-Aged Children
    • Social Communication Strategies for Individuals with FASD
  • Referrals - Referrals may be made for trainings or technical assistance for any family or agency wishing to broaden their knowledge in order to provide appropriate services for individuals with an FASD. A training/technical assistance intake form will be sent after the referral is received. The training/technical assistance will be scheduled once the paperwork is completed. How to make a referral to NOFAS-SD.
  • Cost - Cost for trainings and technical assistance will vary. For current information on cost, contact the Center for Disabilities by phone at 800-658-3080 or 605-357-1439 or via e-mail at