Sanford School of Medicine Center for Disabilities

Our Staff

Executive Director
Wendy Parent-Johnson, Ph.D.

Director of Interdisciplinary Training and Technical Assistance
Luke Comeau, M.A.

Director of Disability Services
Ernetta L. Fox, M.F.A., M.L.S.

Associate Director of Research and Development
John R. Johnson, Ph.D.

Director, Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disorders (LEND)
Director of Clinical Operations
Director, Autism Spectrum Disorders Program
Eric Kurtz, Ph.D.

Director of Dissemination
Derric Miller, B.A.

Birth to 3 Service Coordinator
Bridget Amundson, B.S.

Training Associate and School Psychologist
Autism Spectrum Disorders Program
Lisa Bannwarth, Ed.S.

Senior Secretary
Teresa Byrnes

Accounting Assistant
Debbie Carter

Senior Secretary for Clinic Operations and LEND Program
Brenda Clark 

Birth to 3 Service Coordinator
Mary Fitzpatrick

Marketing Communications Coordinator
Kendra Gottsleben, B.A. 

Staff Assistant
Erin Gustaf

Training Associate
Sara Hansen, Ed.D., CED

RISE-UP Coordinator and Recruitment Specialist
Tyler Hemmingson, B.S.

Office Manager
Pat Herman, B.A., MURP 

Training Associate
Autism Spectrum Disorders Program
Lacy Knutson, M.S., BCBA

Birth to 3 Service Coordinator
Stephanie Krusemark, B.A.

Training Associate 
Emily Meier, M.A.

Deaf-Blind Program Coordinator
Rose Moehring, M.A., CLVT

Birth to 3 Service Coordinator 
Shannon Nelson, B.S.

Office Assistant 
Bethany Poppinga

Finance and Administration Specialist
Jana Richardson, B.S.

Birth to 3 Service Coordinator
Nicole Saue, B.S.W.

Training Associate
Nancy Saufley, M.S

Senior Secretary for Training and Technical Assistance 
Angela Tuffs, B.S.

Disability Services Secretary
Pat Twedt

Birth to 3 Service Coordinator
Missy Wartenbee, B.S.

Senior Research Associate
Ann L. Wilson, Ph.D.