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Indians Into Medicine Transfer Program

The INMED Satellite Office directs and facilitates the INMED Transfer Program, which we created with the University of North Dakota School of Medicine in 1989. The satellite office works with the INMED medical students to help them transfer to our school. The office provides lines of communication and interaction between the medical students. Both medical schools assist the INMED students as needed. INMED is a comprehensive education program assisting Indian students who are preparing for health careers. INMED is based at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences in Grand Forks.

Support Services
INMED support services include academic and personal counseling for students, assistance with financial aid application and summer enrichment sessions at the junior high through professional school levels.

INMED was established in 1973 to help address some of the health care issues of Native Americans by increasing the number of American Indian physicians and other health care professionals serving American Indians.

As of 2005, the program has graduated 163 medical doctors. The program also enrolls students in nursing, clinical psychology and various other health care specialties. A total of 317 American Indian health professionals have graduated through the INMED Program, and many additional American Indian students have received career and academic counseling or referral from INMED staff.